DOOSAN Puma TT1800SY High Performance Turning Centre. Year 2020

DOOSAN Puma TT1800SY High Performance Turning Centre. Year 2020

Machine Installed April 2021

Maximum turning diameter 210mm. Maximum turning length 230mm. Swing over saddle 230mm. Maximum workpiece weight (inc chuck). Chucking work 150kg. Maximum bar diameter 65mm
LH and RH Spindles. Built in type with AB 160S high torque motor. Spindle nose A2#6. Spindle max power 18.5/22kW (cont/30min rated). Spindle max torque 208Nm. Spindle speed maximum 5,000rpm
Integral box guideway construction. Travel distance X axis (Upper turret) 165mm. Z axis (Upper turret) 700mm. X axis (Lower turret) 190mm. Z axis (Lower turret) 720mm. Y axis (Upper turret). 100mm (+/- 50mm). A axis 770mm. C axis (LH / RH spindles) 360 (0.001 increment) degrees. Rapid traverse X axis (Upper / lower turret) 20m/min. Z, A axis 40m/min. Y axis 7.5m/min. C axis 600 rpm. Upper and Lower Turrets (Non lift Servo type). Type BMT55. Number of stations 12. Number of index positions 24. OD tool size 20mm square. Boring bar size 32mm diameter (single holder). 25mm diameter (triple holder). Rotary tool power 7.5kW. Rotary tool speed 5000rpm. Rotary tool collet size ER25 (2-16mm diameter)
Machine Services. Power requirements 75.21kVA. Air pressure 6kgf/cm2.
Cutting time Top: 1169. Bottom 326
Toolholder package and Additional Accessories Including 2 off Hainbuch 65mm Mini dead length Axfix chucks, MQ65 collet changer, 10 off round collets to suit, Filtermist FX4002F oil mist separator with F-Monitor 2, 6 off additional R78683A: Eppinger Preciflex cross type driven tool holders, 20 bar coolant both turrets, switchable to standard, 6 off L21591114: U drill cap, Eppinger adaptor, MSV 80 Hydrafeed full servo-driven Barfeed, LNS Turbo HB standard conveyors for chip removal with mobile LNS Chip hopper swarf tipping bin.

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