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GLEASON 650 Hypoid Bevel Gear Generator with Equipment. Rougher/Finisher

Machine is suitable for the cutting of larger spiral bevel, hypoid, and zerol bevel pinions and mating gears up to 34” (863.6mm) diameter, 5” (127mm) face, with 1.08 DP (module 23.5) cutting capability.

CAPACITY: Extreme ratio 10:1.Roof angle range 0º to 90º. Gear diameter – Maximum    34”  (863.6mm).Examples of maximum gear pitch diameters with 35º gear spiral angle using 19.7” (500mm) dia. cutter at the following ratios:  1 x 1  – 28.50”  (723.90mm). 2 x 1  – 34.00”  (863.60mm). 5 x 1 – 34.00”  (863.60mm). Maximum radial setting **15.00”  **(381mm). Full depth – Maximum 1.5”  (38.1mm).Face width – Maximum 5.000”  (127mm).Coarsest Pitch (module) 1.08 DP  (23.5 module).Index Range * 5 to 80 inclusive. WORK SPINDLE: Diameter of taper hole at large end 6”  (152.4mm).Taper per foot 0.75”  (19.0mm). Depth of taper  6”  (152.4mm).Diameter through spindle of hole 5” (1270mm).

CUTTER DIAMETERS: Cutter diameters utilized 9”, 10.5”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18” ((200,250,320,400 & 500mm). WORKHEAD SETTINGS : Offset above center – Maximum ***4.5”  (114.3mm). Offset below center – Maximum  ***4.5”  (114.3mm). Machine center to nose of spindle – Maximum 23.5”  (596.9mm).

SPEEDS & FEEDS: Cutter speeds  6 to 167 RPM (stepless). Cycle time, infinitely variable from 7 seconds/tooth minimum.


Cutter drive motor, 15HP 1800 RPM /1500 RPM. Hydraulic motor, 7.5HP  1200 RPM/1500 RPM.Coolant motor, 2HP 1200 RPM /1500 RPM.D.C. generating drive motor, 6HP 1200 RPM

* Most numbers up to 120 can also be accommodated but may require special change gears.

** This radial setting can be increased to 18.5” (462.50mm) for some applications

*** Maximum offset applies to pinion and gears up to 25” O.D. for 34” diameter gears maximum offset is 1.0”

Dimensions L x W x H (Floorspace) Inclusive of Hydraulic Unit, Electrical Cabinet & Swarf Conveyor. 235” x 123” x 92.5” (5970 mm x 3120 mm x 2350mm)

Approximate weight of Machine 26,682 kgs. Accessories 5,000 kgs.

Machine Serial No.748301



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