JONES & SHIPMAN 540LAR Hydraulic Surface Grinder. Year 1988

JONES & SHIPMAN 540LAR Hydraulic Surface Grinder. Year 1988

Working Surface of Table 457mm x 152mm. Longitudinal travel 483mm. Cross travel 168mm. Traverse Speed per minute 1.5-18m. Table traverse per revolution of handwheel.60mm. No of T Slots 1. Electric Cross Feed range per stroke at each reversal 0.25mm – 5mm. Cross Feed range continuous per minute 0 – 600mm. Wheelhead speeds 3000 rpm Wheelhead feed handwheel graduations 0.001mm. Wheelhead feed per revolution of handwheel 0.2mm. Automatic Downfeed min/max 0.001 – 0.006mm. Vertical travel of wheelhead 405mm. Size of grinding wheel 200mm x 20mm x 31.75mm bore. Wheelhead motor 1.5 kW. Hydraulic pump motor 0.55 kW. Elevation motor 0.18 kW. Hydraulic tank capacity 15.5 litres. Complete with 457mm x 152mm Eclipse Magnetic Chuck. Darenth Coolant Clarifier. Wheel Balancing Stand & Cabinet. Automatic Downfeed Trip Assembly. Wheel Dressing Attachment. High Speed Grinding Attachment. Universal 3 way swiveling vice with 4″ jaws. Grinding Wheel Flanges. Ex Research & Development.

Approximate weight 1015 kg

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