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SAFOP LEONARD TR1000 Combined Centre Lathe & Cylindrical Grinding Machine

Swing over bed 1220 mm. Swing over cross slide 1016 mm. Distance between centres 7,500 mm. Spindle bore 102 mm. Maximum weight between centres 10,000kgs (unsupported). Spindle speeds 4 – 816 rpm. Fitted with 800mm dia. 4 jaw chuck. Newall DP8 Digital readout. Rapid traverse to saddle. 4 screw toolpost clamping on compound slide.1 x 770 mm dia. 3 point roller steady. 1 x 530 mm dia. 3 point roller steady. 1 x 530mm dia. 3 point roller steady.2 x 3 point pad type open sided steady 450mm bore (capacity 330mm approx). 1 x 3 point pad type open sided steady 530mm bore (capacity 230mm approx). Faceplate 1225mm dia. with 4 faceplate jaws. 4 x steady inserts 250mm OD x 90mm bore. 1 x steady insert 370mm OD x 200mm dia. bore. 3 x steady inserts 400mm OD x 200mm bore. 2 x steady inserts 450mm OD x 230mm bore. 5 x 2 point pad steadies 240mm capacity. 5 x 3 point pad steadies 500mm capacity.2 x 3 point steadies 170mm capacity. 5 x 380mm dia. grinding wheel flanges. 9 x 280mm dia grinding wheel flanges. 1 x 170mm dia. grinding wheel flanges. 380mm dia. 3 jaw chuck. 400mm dia. 4 jaw chuck. 225mm dia. 4 jaw chuck. 230mm dia. 3 jaw chuck. Bruckner revolving centre. Jones & Shipman revolving centre. 2 x machine levelling brackets. Boring bar 580mm long x 80mm x 70mm section. Boring bar 760mm long x 75mm x 75mm section. Faceplate fasteners. Coolant/Filtration tank 2300mm long x 1000mm x 1500mm. Machine serial no. 2831. Year 1972

Machine overall dimensions 10320 mm long x 2560 mm wide x 2370 mm high. Approximate weight 25 Tons.

Grinding Capacities

Maximum grinding dia. 1067 mm. Maximum grinding length traverse 7264 mm. Minimum grinding dia. 76mm. Maximum weight 10,000 kgs. Sony Digipac Digital readout. Blue steel rack for grinding wheels.



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